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Rabbi Y.Y. Neuwirth (Rabbi Yehoshua Y. Neuwirth)

הרב יהושוע י. נויבירט

רח' ברגמן 10 בית וגן 

ירושלים 96467

Rabbi Y.Y Neuwirth

Bergman St. Bait Vagan

96467 Jerusalem


A Letter of Blessing

I have heard from Rabbi Itzchak Steinberg about his plan to create software that will assist Am Yisrael to calculate and know how to observe family purity.

I wish him every success in carrying out his plan.

The software application is being developed by the abovementioned Rabbi, who I know to be an outstanding Torah scholar very familiar with family purity law and who consults with leading Morei Hora'a.

I, therefore, encourage and support the use of this software to increase purity in Israel.

With the blessings of the Torah,

Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth

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