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Rabbi Z.N. Goldberg (Av Beit Din & Beit Hora'ah "Hayashar Vehatov")

הרב זלמן נחמיה גולדברג 

אב''ד  ''הישר והטוב''

חבר בית הדין הרבני הגדול

Rabbi Z.N. Goldberg

Av Beit Din & Beit Hora'ah

"Hayashar Vehatov"

Member of Supreme Rabbinical Court

 Letter of Blessing

Rabbi Itzchak Steinberg has shown me the software that he has developed. It is a great accomplishment and makes it easier for women to calculate their days of purity and time for mikvah immersion.

The Halachic aspect of this software has been examined by many leading rabbis and has been found to be comprehensive and according to the Halacha.

I therefore wish to add my blessings for this piece of software, which is a great thing to have in our time, and will no doubt increase purity in Israel.


Writing in honor of the mitzvah and those who promote it,

Rabbi Zalman Nehemia Goldberg

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